• Amrev Thunderbird Email Recovery is a simple to use tool designed to help you recover accidentally lost emails from any Mozilla Thunderbird profile. The program can help you restore emails you lost due to virus attacks or accidentally deleted from the Trash folder. The tool supports restoring both emails and attachments.

    Amrev Thunderbird Email Recovery can come in handy in many situations when you have lost an email message with or without attachments, from the Mozilla Thunderbird database. The application is simple to use and the recovery process is mainly automatic, which makes it a convenient tool.

    You can easily select the user and profile you wish to scan and repair, from the main dashboard. The program allows you to undo unnecessary deletion or corruption of emails, due to a series of reasons.

    If you erased the messages from the Trash folder or deleted them using Shift + Del, the items can still be recovered with Amrev Thunderbird Email Recovery.

    Similarly, it can restore emails that were lost from compact folders or from inaccessible Thunderbird email database. Moreover, you can extract important data from emails that were corrupted due to virus attacks.

    Amrev Thunderbird Email Recovery can automatically detect the Thunderbird profiles, even though they differ for each user account on the computer. Simply select the desired one and view the folder tree in the designated column.

    Alternatively, if you cannot find the profile you are looking for, you can extract information from offline Thunderbird storage files, from your PC. You may easily view the contents of each email before saving them.

    Amrev Thunderbird Email Recovery is easy to use and can come in handy for those who use this particular email client. Losing important data can be troublesome, but with this tool, you can recover it within minutes. Moreover, it can restore email structures, text formatting and attachments.