• Modbus is a serial communication protocol developed and published my Modicon for use with its programmable logic controllers. It has become a standard communications protocol in industry, which means it has become the main protocol for connecting industrial electronic devices.

    If you work in an environment based on Modbus, and you need to test the behavior of the future devices, MMST Modbus Master Simulator – Tester can prove the right tool for the job.

    MMST Modbus Master Simulator – Tester sports a simple interface that display all its controls from the bat, without hidden tabs or alternative windows.

    The main panel is located at the center of the GUI and is used to list all the connected devices along with several detailed information. Under this pane, you can notice the “Communication Log,” a simple text-based tab were all actions, and changes are noted.

    Modbus is typically used to transmit signals from instrumentation and control devices back to a central controller or data gathering system, but to make sure that the devices are communicating back and work as intended, a simulation is a safe bet.

    MMST Modbus Master Simulator – Tester can also support multiple protocols like TCP, RTU over Serial and RTU over TCP. Furthermore, the essential connection details are identified and displayed: IP, port, Speed, data and stop bits, etc.

    To sum it up, MMST Modbus Master Simulator – Tester is a useful tool for companies or developers that base their work on the Modbus Protocol. Simulating a communication between the master recipient and the slave devices can dig up some behavioral right before the intended official process. The app is recommended to users that work in the environment mentioned above, as the tool has no other use than simulating communication behavior.