• OpenOffice Calc Import Multiple ODS Files Software, is an application meant to help you combine multiple ODS documents into a single one which has all of their content. It’s a simple and straightforward method in which you can gather a large amount of information in one move.

    The main benefit of using OpenOffice Calc Import Multiple ODS Files Software is that you avoid wasting a large amount of time by not having to manually copy and insert content from multiple files into one.

    With this tool you are able to load as many ODS files as you want and with one click it does the work for you. Not to mention that it does it while maintaining the original formatting of the files so you won’t spend any time rearranging data.

    OpenOffice Calc Import Multiple ODS Files Software allows you to join multiple files regardless of their content. You can load an entire folder at a time or drag and drop individual files into the main window to add them.

    The application stitches the documents in the exact order in which they are displayed in a list and with the use of two buttons you are able to rearrange them. This proves to be a handy feature if you need the data to be in a specific sequence.

    If there are files that have been loaded by mistake or are no longer needed, you can double click them inside the list and they are immediately removed. Moreover, there’s a function that allows you to clear the entire list if you want to start all over again.

    To sum things up, though OpenOffice Calc Import Multiple ODS Files Software doesn’t posses any high end features, it’s a very handy tool for when you need to join multiple OpenOffice ODS files.