• It’s safe to say that there is no real shortage of simple or full-featured, comprehensive utilities capable of helping you manage all aspects of PDFs. This said, if you are simply looking for an application that is only capable of splitting PDF files and doesn’t focus on more advanced options, then you might want to give WonderfulShare PDF Split Pro a quick spin and see what’s what.

    Not only is this application lightweight, but it is also very easy to set up. It’s not necessary to have Adobe Reader (or any other PDF reader) installed to be able to perform tasks but such an application is necessary for previewing the source PDFs or inspecting quality results in the new files post-processing.

    Upon first laying your eyes on its compact main window and simple interface of WonderfulShare PDF Split Pro, it becomes clear that this is a one-purpose app. Besides the features it has to offer on display, you can open the right-click menu for additional options.

    It’s possible to open the PDF file in the associated PDF reader, view file properties like length, read-only status, producer, date of creation and last modification, as well as unlock the PDF if it’s protected with a password (otherwise, the splitting task will be unsuccessful).

    As far as the splitting job is concerned, just add a PDF file with two or more pages, choose one of the three available split modes and click the ‘Split’ button from the lower right side of the main window to perform the trimming operation.

    You can extract pages by every specific number of pages or by range, as well as pick the destination for the output files between the same folder as the source PDF or a custom location.

    Taking everything into careful consideration, while hardly impressive in any tangible way, WonderfulShare PDF Split Pro is one of those perfect examples of lightweight apps that do their simple job fast and easy.

    Even though the app works well, looks good and is novice-accessible, we should point out that a preview feature would have been quite useful, but this by no means a deal breaker.